Youngstown FR and Cut Resistant Glove

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Highly Recommended!---Youngstown’s 27 Cal Ground Glove is made of high quality goatskin leather and sewn into an ergonomic, 3D form fit pattern. A second layer of goatskin is sewn onto the fingertips, palm, thumb and knuckle to further enhance the durability and protection while maintaining high dexterity.
Wear Trials have shown the glove to last a Utility Field worker and average of 3 months, roughly 5x longer than traditional work gloves commonly used. Consequently, wastage, inventory management and supply chain demand is greatly reduced. Annual costs savings on work glove expenditure can be reduced by up to 30%.
The result is increased efficiency, productivity and safety for workers, while in compliance with the NFPA 70e - 2012 standard and OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926.
***A portion of this glove sale goes directly to the Fallen Linemen Organization for the benefit of those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.***

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