About Us

Dry Canyon LLC


Dry Canyon LLC was established in 2012 with a single goal in mind. Create a place where Journeyman Lineman could easily get their hands on the highest quality FR apparel and safety equipment the market had to offer. 

In the years prior to 2012 we were lucky enough to build relationships with a couple of great companies that were leading the FR industry. They welcomed our input and let us field test their products. We were so impressed by the comfort and performance of these products, that we naturally became advocates. Through this process, we also realized that employers needed our expertise to help guide them toward the most valuable products. 

From the beginning, we have felt that our “in the field” experience as Journeyman Lineman and our never ending passion for the trade could allow us to connect with lineman and the companies they represent with an eye to eye level of trust. 

Four years later, we were proud to say that we were right. In 2016 Dragon Wear made Dry Canyon an “Alpha Team Member”. A position reserved for market leaders. 

During this time, we have had the honor of working with some of the largest Utilities in the country such as National Grid, and Duke Energy. 

However, it is the Electrical Contractors whose fluctuating manpower, difficult work environments, and challenging time constraints, that has been so instrumental to Dry Canyon’s understanding of this industry’s true needs, thus shaping us into the company we are today. 

Dry Canyon is proud to say that we have been able to make our dream a reality. We have developed relationships and a system that makes our company stand out while also making our trade a safer place for our brothers to work.